Source: @psychedelime

So many people could relate to the comically long pair of trousers this woman bought online

Too long by half.

WHEN GOOD ONLINE shopping goes bad it can be quite hilarious.

Scottish Twitter user @psychedelime discovered that this week, when she ordered a pair of red flares in size six from PrettyLittleThing.

They looked really good on the website, to be fair

Source: @psychedelime

As the description says:

In ultra-soft and comfortable jersey fabric, these simple but sleek flared trousers are essential for your wardrobe. Dress up with a pair of platforms for a 70s inspired look or down with some crisp white trainers to keep it cool and minimal.

It doesn’t mention anything about length in there.

But when they arrived she discovered that length was very much an issue

Source: @psychedelime

Her tweet this weekend has gone viral – as she wondered if only Slenderman would be able to fit in the things

“av got flippers”

Source: @psychedelime

People pointed out that they’re probably supposed to be worn with heels


Over 10,000 retweets later and nearly everyone on Twitter has enjoyed the visual – and are tagging in people they might work for

An army of smaller people could relate

Source: @moi_cheree

So many people have seen the pants now that they have a whole new market

Source: @YouWnaSeeSumJaz

PrettyLittleThing haven’t responded to the viral tweet, but sales of the pants might be through the roof thanks to the newfound market.

The most famous flares on the internet.

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