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This year
Bank of Ireland warns of 'alarming' new wave of online scams luring people with fake bargains to be launched next year as retail giant wants specific website for Irish market
Last year
Scam warnings issued to shoppers ahead of Black Friday
Ahead of Black Friday, Revenue reminds public to be wary of deals that look too good to be true
Barry Andrews: SHEIN is setting up a headquarters in Ireland - this should not be applauded
Barry Andrews
All time
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Irish shoppers lost €12 million to credit and debit card fraudsters in the first half of 2020
Most consumers ‘not comfortable’ shopping on high street until Covid-19 is under control
Gardaí warn of online shopping fraud after 50% increase in reported crimes
Gardaí issue warning to online shoppers over courier payment scam
Minister warns public about potential extra charges when online shopping on UK websites
Banking federation warns customers to be 'extra vigilant' of online scams in lead-up to Christmas
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Tesco said it is now prioritising the elderly and those most in need for online shopping
Contactless payment limit will increase to €50 next week, as cash transactions drop by 20%
Spending might be up over Christmas, but Irish retailers are still facing challenges
Can you have a Green Christmas when shopping for presents online? Here's what the experts advise
Black Friday shoppers warned to be aware of their rights as watchdog expects surge in requests for help
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Consumers warned about how Brexit could impact online shopping
Irish online shoppers will have to pay more when buying from UK retailers post a no-deal Brexit
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