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What's on Nidge from Love/Hate's iPod?

We reckon we’ve got it nailed.

Image: RTE

TOM VAUGHAN-LAWLOR, the actor who plays Nidge on Love/Hate, revealed this week in an interview with Dublin’s Best magazine that there are certain types of music he listens to to get in character.

He doesn’t give any specific examples, but it’s got us thinking.  What kind of music would the Nidge-weasel like?

Having given it a bit of thought, and we reckon these are probably the kinds of things that would be on his iPod.

He could be a hip hop man

In which case, he’s probably a big fan of Eminem and forced people to listen to Stan on repeat in 1999, saying ‘Nah man, you have to listen to he woooords.’
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He’s probably also a big fan of 50 Cent’s.  50 Cent was shot nine times you know.  Nidge would probably identify with that kind of dangerous lifestyle.  (See also, G-G-G-G-UNIT!)
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YouTube/Leroy Truun

And Tupac.  He would be a big fan of Tupac’s, and in fact has probably had many conversations about whether or not he’s actually dead.
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If hip hop isn’t his thing, he might be into a bit of the dance music

He wouldn’t be averse to a few lyrics though, so he might be into Cascada.  He’d probably fancy yer wan as well.
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He may enjoy becoming a freak at the end of every week.
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Of course, if he’s looking for something a bit heavier during a late one, Tiesto would be his go to guy.
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Maybe he prefers a bit of rock and roll?

He might think Guns n’ Roses Patience is the most beautiful love song of all time.  You can kind of imagine him crying listening to this after a fight with Trish.
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YouTube/Tomas Oliveira

Perhaps he prefers to keep it local, and listens to stuff by some fellow Dubs.
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Having said all that, we might have him completely wrong.  He could be a musical wild card.

He might like a bit of opera, to calm him down when things get hectic.
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Perhaps even he is not impervious to Adele’s charms.
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Or maybe he just really likes Will Young.  Who doesn’t love Leave Right Now?

He’d only listen to this one on his own though, perhaps singing along as he drives around Dublin in his 4×4.
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What do you reckon would be present on Nidge’s iPod?  Tell us in the comments.

Love/Hate, starring Ray D’Arcy as Nidge>

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