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# aaaaah
13 simple moments of pure unadulterated pleasure
And they’re all free, too!
# twitterverse
Tweet Sweeper: Brian Kennedy got 'lashed outtavit'
All the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.
# tellywatch
An unbelievable Graham Norton lineup... and 4 other weekend telly highlights
No matter what you’re up to, we’ve got a recommendation for you.
# Dublin's Fair City
Here's how Dublin will look in Showtime drama Penny Dreadful
‘You get better Victorian London in Dublin than in London.’
There is a wedding proposal in the Daily Mail's 'Sidebar of Shame' today
It doesn’t get much more public than this.
# world of celebs
Tom Cruise is going berzerk again... it's The Dredge
You wouldn’t believe the dirt we’ve got in here.
# row-nan keating
Watch Ronan Keating get into a cringetastic pretend row with an Australian radio host
It was all a prank, y’see.
# True Love
This love song beautifully expresses your feelings about sleep
Beautiful, seductive sleep.
# Come Dine With Me
10 stops on the emotional rollercoaster that is having a dinner party
Having a dinner party this weekend? You’ve probably reached STRESS.
# figure farting
Who knew that adding fart noises to figure skating would be this hilarious?
Trust us, you will laugh.
# cool customer
10-year-old drives parents' car into a ditch, claims to be a dwarf who'd forgotten his licence
Ah, the old dwarf defence…
# Me Nerves
7 moments in life which make you inexplicably nervous
We’re meant to be adults for pity’s sake!
# world of celebs
Paddy Power wants Niall Horan to get his ass kicked... it's The Dredge
Filthy, filthy celebrity stories.
# beardalicious
Here is yet another reason all men should have beards
The storage potential is infinite.
# fancy a ride
Nissan know exactly how to advertise to Irish people
They’re speaking our language.
# tell 'em
Norwegian ad takes yet another stab at Russia's anti-gay sentiments
The world is watching, Russia.
# as time goes by
10 life skills technology has stolen from you
The question is, do we care?
# legomania
Here's why people won't stop going on about The Lego Movie
It opens here on Friday.
# porn no
News reporter accidentally shows the world Pornhub bookmark on phone
Two words. Incognito mode.
# Light up
You will not believe how much Harrods' new chandelier cost
It’s an art installation, y’see.
# New Direction
Student reunited with lost family heirloom after seeing it on RTÉ's Today
The compass was shown in a feature on RTÉ’s Today programme.
# friends behaving badly
9 awful friends you probably have in your crew
Who is guilty of this bad behaviour?
# adrenaline junkie
Kid experiences pure joy while taking a ride in a drift car
These are the best facial expressions we’ve seen this year.
# inspiring stuff
This viral video inspired that crazy drug scene in The Wolf of Wall Street
It all makes so much sense now.
# she what?!
Woman posts photograph of her breastfeeding a puppy 'to save its life'
The animal was refusing to eat, and she says her ‘maternal instinct’ kicked in.
# whassssaaaaaaap
These are the worst things people do in a WhatsApp group
Come on people, be sound!
# you're the juan
15 pun-tastic Valentine's Day cards
No one could fail to be impressed by these works of punnage.
# twitterverse
Tweet Sweeper: Shane Lynch has leaky nipples
Or at least that’s what Keith Duffy says. Kind of. That and all the rest of the week’s tweets from famous people.
# tellywatch
Olympic fever is touching down... and 4 other weekend highlights
Another storm is coming, but fortunately we’ve got some suggestions which will make staying in A-OK.
# a right mess
15 tweets that prove that Sochi isn't exactly ready for the Olympics
It’s a bit of a mess, lads.
Student faces suspension after taking a selfie with a dead body on a school trip
Not cool man, not cool.
# it's going down
Here is a no-Pitbull version of Timber you can enjoy without guilt
It’s goin’ down, I’m yellin’ Timber!
# noble sprawl
WATCH: Panti's Noble Call discussed on BBC news
Pantigate continues to spread across the world.
# friends in croke places
9 people you'll definitely see at the Garth Brooks concerts
Are you in there?
# morto
Boss accidentally sends mortifying text to the employee the text was about
It included sexy talk. SEXY TALK.
# Fingers crossed
Hopes are high in the Garth queues this morning
Optimism is a fine thing.
# chips bai
Charming film tells the story of the 55-year-old chipper in Cork where people queue down the street
KC’s in Douglas is a beloved institution.
# puppies she wrote
Have you seen the bizarre biscuit ad everyone's talking about?
If you like a lot of puppy on your biscuit…
# what's the story?
Apparently those rumours about Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton aren't true
Liz herself has spoken out.
# winter is pain
11 indications that winter is actually sucking the life out of you