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Tom Vaughan-Lawlor: 'If Love/Hate had happened when I was younger, I might not have been able to handle it'
The Love/Hate actor plays a troubled father in his new film, Rialto.
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Love/Hate's Killian Scott pulls off a flawless American accent in his upcoming Netflix show
Tommy has changed a bit.
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Tom Vaughan-Lawlor to play Padraig Pearse in new 1916 drama
In the programme, we see the leader of the 1916 rebellion in the dock, in a trial that he was never afforded in real life.
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Nidge turned up at an Ed Sheeran gig and look what happened next...
Ed has a bone to pick.
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Wire writer Dennis Lehane has penned a pilot for the Love/Hate US remake
It’s gonna be set in Hawaii. Because Hawaii is like Ireland, right?
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The King Nidge runners have been donated to charity... but they could be yours
Pieta House are now in possession of the coveted shoes, and are running a text-to-win competition.
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Stuart Carolan: Love/Hate will get on just fine without Nidge
“We’ve always lost big characters. It’s happened all the way through.”
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Tom Vaughan Lawlor: I didn't keep the 'King Nidge' runners
Spoilers aplenty if you haven’t yet caught up with Sunday’s episode.
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Peter Coonan found Love/Hate rape 'hard to watch, but the scene made sense'
He also had no idea Nidge had been shot, until he watched the episode on Sunday night.
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11 questions we need answered after the Love/Hate finale
# finale
Love/Hate Week 6 Recap: Tasty Tax, Coming Clean, and the Big Finale
Are we all OK?
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Not a single person in Ireland will be sleeping after that Love/Hate finale
No spoilers inside. Just a lot of FEAR.
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Here is your first look at Sunday's Love/Hate season finale
Spoiler: Nidge looks pretty worried.
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What can we learn about anger management from Nidge and Fran? No... Seriously...
“Everyone openly discussing their grievances would create a much more relaxed and less hostile environment for all concerned – but who wants to watch that?”
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Love/Hate Week 5 recap: Crocodile Tears, The Great Escape and Fancy Mots
Time to relive last night’s stress-filled hour of telly.
Who is Nidge thumping in tonight's episode of Love/Hate?
He looks a tad angry.
10 people who got horribly and wrongly caught up in the #LoveHate tag
We’re born again.
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Love/Hate Week 4 Recap: Jesus Saves, Giraffes, And Two Big Deaths
Is everyone ok after that?
# Love/Hate
The top 11 nuggets of wisdom from Love/Hate, ranked in order
Are you a ladybird… or a durtbuurrd?
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9 people who are firmly #TeamFran after tonight's Love/Hate
The sh*t has hit the Fran.
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Which Love/Hate Character Are You?
Take this quiz to find out.
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Love/Hate week 1 recap: Nits, Fran's arse and Jeremy Kyle
All the things we learned last night, including an important lesson in criminal furniture.
# losing me rhythm here
7 poor souls who had to watch THAT Love/Hate scene with their parents
# don't panic
Don't panic, there's a 'development deal' in place for another season of Love/Hate
Is season 5 the last we’ll be seeing of Nidge and the gang? It’s not off the table.
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Prepare for the new series of Love/Hate as Gaeilge with this deadly t-shirt
At last, our love (hate) has come along.
# primer
Everything you need to know before watching Love/Hate season 5
Bit hazy on the key details ahead of the premiere? We’ve got it covered.
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Nidge offers Elmo a trip to Spain in new clip from Love/Hate season 5
Isn’t it nice of him? (Let’s face it, it’s probably not.)
# coola boola
10 questions about Love/Hate you were too embarrassed to ask
Avoid having to smile politely for the next six weeks!
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Here's a first look at the Love/Hate season 5 cast
They are back. And they are moody.
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Love/Hate will be back on our screens in just over a fortnight
The fifth season of the acclaimed RTÉ drama will be back very soon.
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Someone added Japanese-style animation to the Love/Hate finale, and it suddenly makes sense
Well, MORE sense.
# Charlie/Haughey
Nidge on the new Charlie Haughey drama: 'I was amazed to find out that it was all true'
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, more famous for his role in Love/Hate, plays PJ Mara in RTÉ’s new drama about the former taoiseach.
# Love/Hate
Here's what will happen in Love/Hate season 5*
*Some of it. As far as we know.
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Here's what Aidan Gillen looks like as Charlie Haughey in RTÉ's new drama
And Nidge looks a lot like Haughey’s enforcer PJ Mara…
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Election 2014: Finally, the long-anticipated 'Nidge' endorsement...
Who’s going to argue with Nidge?
# Spoiler Alert
There's more death on the cards in Love/Hate
SPOILER ALERT! Sure when isn’t there?
# ed/hate
Ed Sheeran is a big fan of Love/Hate
But he hasn’t seen season 4 yet, so sshh. NO SPOILERS.
# watching the detectives
What does the real-life Commissioner think of the Love/Hate gardaí?
Martin Callinan admitted today that he watches the RTÉ drama. But what does he make of how the force is portrayed?
# breaking nidge
Hank and Marie watch the finale of Love/Hate
Breaking Bad, meet Nidge and the lads.
# What?
The Love/Hate season finale: 11 questions we want answered
Spoilers within.