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16 pub signs that are too clever for their own good

Chuckle, chuckle.

AH, SANDWICH BOARDS. Either a source of cringe or genuine amusement. Either an enticement to come on in or a warning to run far.

These places, though? These places are doing it right.

1. Better than factor 50.

LjhlWvC Source: Imgur


7bTqm19 Source: Imgur

3. More like, soup of our lives.

bonR9AR Source: Imgur

4. 4 ply, you say. #fancy

GermanIrishPubSign Source: Genevairishpubs

5. Well, when you put it like that.

6605a448fa8d3f7e43b66d0113d7485f Source: Pinterest

6. You’re right, I am.

You're making too many sober decisions Source: 9gag

7. Can’t even with this.

S6LGqq0 Source: Imgur

8. Cop on to yourself.

gJzMM Source: Imgur

9. Hmm, makes you pause and reflect.

vIepf3y Source: Imgur

10. Tempting.

3SedD Source: Imgur

11. “I think that guy wants to fight you.”

tumblr_m5h9wrFn861qzhhdpo1_500 Source: bduff/Tumblr

12. Same destination, different journey.

1TW8akV Source: The Poke

13. You were never here.

oRPySZu Source: Imgur

14. ~interpretive dance~

dGONyp2 Source: Imgur

15. That’s a shame.

Not shit faced Mondays!!! - Imgur Source: Imgur

16. I can be your hero, baby. I can drink up allllll the wine.

iiAou11 Source: Imgur

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