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17 animals who just want to be in the picture

They just couldn’t resist.


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2. "I'm a person too you know"

Via Imgur

3. "My day will come, just you wait"

Flickr/Qmnonic/Creative Commons

4. "Get my good side"

Dawn Endico/Flickr/Creative Commons

5. "Sleep with one eye open hooman"

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6. "PARTY TIME you guys"

Via Imgur


Via Imgur

8. If this dog could talk, he would sound like Seán Connery

Via Imgur

9. This ferret is WRECKED

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10. "Oh HAI"

Via Imgur

11. "You guys wanna hang out?"

12. "So, where are you gals off to later?"

Via Imgur

13. "What's green and hangs from trees?... Giraffe snot. Geddit?"

Via Imgur

14. "Cheeeeeeese"

Via Fark.com

15. The original duckface

Via Animal-Space.net

16. "Stoopid dog"

Via Tumblr

17. Always watching. Always.

Via Pawesome.net

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