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# 1980s

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# 1980s
This 80s footage of Irish teens explaining the difference Goths and Cureheads is amazing
Want to know what a Curehead is?
# karen's story
Health Board knew girl was being sexually abused in her home but didn't tell gardaí
“‘Grace’ is no isolated incident. I know – the same thing happened to me”.
# Quiz
How well do you know your 80s footballers?
They were the days of big hair and short shorts.
# feeling old
This hideous beige 1980s kitchen? It's now a museum piece
That was three decades ago. In the last century.
# Recession
Ads for Transformer toys and Barbie's Star Traveller were a big worry in the 1980s....
The country was in the midst of a recession with unemployment up to 16.1%.
Opinion: Pop culture is saturated with throwbacks to the 1960s right now – but why?
Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is in part an ode to the decade – while shows like Mad Men and traces of ’60s sci-fi dystopian themes in literature also highlight how we’re drawn to the era.
# smash hits
13 reasons things were easier in the eighties
I got love for you if you were born in the…
# art haul
Pics: Gardaí find stolen art from the 1980s but aren't sure where it's from
Own a hotel or stately home? It may be yours.
# Reeling In The Years
Remember 1988... in seventeen minutes
A video for ’80s children everywhere.
# the walshes
Here's the first trailer for Graham Linehan's new Irish comedy The Walshes
And it looks a bit great.
# avocado suite
11 things that made you posh in 1980s Ireland
Was this your house? No, it was probably your fancy neighbours.
# daddy or chips?
12 playground battles every child of the 1990s will understand
Whose side were you on?
# remember these?
17 toys that might make you cry with nostalgia
OOF! Right in the childhood.
# It Could Be You
Are you one of these toy testers from the 1980 Toy Show?
RTE wants YOU.
# Arrest
Waterford: Gardaí arrest man in connection with sexual assault complaints
The man is in his 60s and was arrested in Waterford City today.
# Mad Men
6 nuggets of wisdom from 1980s Don Draper
They’re not A Team. They’re THE Team.
Aaron McKenna: We must sacrifice industrial peace to save the nation
We have been treating nurses and gardai as equal in importance to receptionists and quango directors, they are not equal in importance, writes Aaron McKenna.
# 80s flashback
VIDEO: If you grew up in the 80s, you'll like this
“Using firelighters, where’d you think we’re living in, Dynasty or something?”
Column: Ireland’s relationship with Britain has moved on. Let’s not fall back
We should be over our outrage at petty jibes by now, writes John Verling. Both countries have grown up.
# Growing pains
6 videos that perfectly sum up a 1980s Irish childhood
Disco dancing, sharp fashions and meeting local politicians. (Warning: Includes a young Brian Cowen)
# It's back
Video: 6 old school Dallas moments
Dallas is set to be back on our screens in the Autumn – but the new series has a lot to contend with after these golden nuggets of TV history…
# whoaa
VIDEO: Here's what you should do in the sunshine today
Let these totally radular dudes from the 1980s show you.
# et
VIDEO: 6 things to love about ET
It’s been 30 years since ET hit our screens back in 1982. He’ll never grow up for us.
Column: When Bob Marley came to Dublin, things changed for me
Bob Marley’s 1980 concert at Dalymount Park shook up a conservative Ireland. Denis Buckley remembers his schoolboy trip to the gig, just months before Marley’s death.
# We want you
Video: Why don't the Defence Forces make recruitment ads like this any more?
With iconic shots and a funky remix of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony you’d be hard pressed to not want to sign up with the Defence Forces after watching this…
# Flashback
In pictures: Presenting... Pop icons of the 1980s
Kylie was with Jason. George Michael was with Pepsi. Everyone made their own costumes. This is how pop stars should look, right?
# blockbusters
RIP Bob Holness: Our top 5 favourite moments from Blockbusters
The presenter of the hugely popular Blockbusters quiz show died today. Here’s our picks for the top 5 best Blockbusters moments (including a surreal moment with Zig and Zag).
# DeLorean
The DeLorean is relaunched - and this time it's electric
Great Scott! The world’s most-epic car goes electric…