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13 reasons things were easier in the eighties

I got love for you if you were born in the…

1. This was as complicated as text messaging got

Texting in the 80s - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. This is how decisions were made

kiCaSpS Source: Imgur

3. There was a football team to believe in

Stuttgart Soccer European Championships Source: Peter Kemp

shoot Source: Shoot Archives

4. And  a song

Source: GreenArmyTunes2012/YouTube

5. Computer games kept it simple, simple respawning, no playing strangers on the internet

original Source: Gawkerassets

6. Princess Diana danced with John Travolta

Diana, Princess of Wales retrospective Source: Anwar Hussein Collection

7. Ice creams were better

HB Ice Cream Product Price Poster 1988 (HIGH ... Source: Facebook

8. This is what we thought Michael Jackson might look like in 2000

ukbBB68 Source: Imgur

9. Pat Kenny’s teeth/glasses/jumper combo

pat-kenny Source: Brand New Retro

10. Zig and Zag came into our lives

Source: Shane OB/YouTube

11. This was where all our music knowledge came from

Pepsi & Shirlie - Smash Hits - May 1987 - MAGAZINE-343822 Source: Eil

Pet Shop Boys - Smash Hits - August 1987 - MAGAZINE-340980 Source: Eil

12. And listening to music meant this

Walkman And Public Safety Source: AP/Press Association Images

13. But not yet this

Kids these days will never know the struggle. - Imgur Source: Imgur

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