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Here's what Back To The Future 2 got right about 2015

Flat screen TVs! Skype! Flying cars! The future is now.

This article was originally published on December 31, 2014

THE YEAR 2015 is an important one, because it’s the year of Back To The Future 2.

Remember this?

Source: Wordpress

In the movie, Doc and Marty travel 30 years into the future from 1985, to save Marty and Jennifer’s future children.

And here’s what they find in the year 2015:

Flat screen TVs

Source: Avsforum

Oh, what’s that? A large flat-panel display mounted on a wall?


Source: Midtown Crossing at Turner Park

Fingerprint scanners

Source: Jsphfrtz

Not only are these now a built-in part of millions of iPhones worldwide, you can now literally buy one for your house for a couple of hundred euro.

Source: Amazon


Source: Imgur

So everyday, even our pets are doing it.

Source: Imgur

Self-lacing shoes

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has declared that these will become a reality in 2015.

The company has already made a non-power-lacing replica of Marty McFly’s shoes, which currently sell for around $8,000 a pop. Here’s somebody wearing them:

Source: Instant Vantage

The Hoverboard

Source: Wikia

In the spring of 2014, the world was pranked by what appeared to be a functioning replica of the hoverboard. It turned out to be a Funny Or Die hoax.

But then, along came Hendo Hoverboards. Yes, this is real. Yes, you can buy one.

Flying cars

Source: edisontechnical.co.uk

Well, one now exists. In testing, anyway.

The AeroMobil can park in normal parking places, fill up at normal petrol stations… and fly almost 700km on a single tank.

Source: aeromobil.com

Oh, and… this fashion

Source: Propstore

This is how we all dress, starting at 12.01am tomorrow. Deal? Deal.

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