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8 people who were actually sickened by that year-long proposal video

The video is going massively viral, but some think it’s WEIRD.

A COUPLE OF months ago, a guy called Dean Smith put up a marriage proposal video that he set up for his girlfriend Jennifer Kessel.

He filmed it over the course of the year, each day with a new written proposal for her.

It really was quite the commitment to an internet video

Source: Dean Smith/YouTube

Starting out on Jennifer’s birthday in 2014, Dean recorded a message saying he was going to propose, and did a countdown of daily videos with a dated sign, like this:

proposal1 Source: Youtube

The video was uploaded in January, but it’s really started going viral this week. Some people think it’s the greatest thing ever, but some really think it’s weird

The fact that Bruno Mars is played in it, though, makes it a legit proposal

The proposal happened on his fiancée’s birthday, though

He did it for a whole year without her knowing

Dean’s fashion was also under assault

The poor guy just isn’t catching a break.

No, you’re not alone. Half the internet is on your side

He also called it – on his own Youtube account – “Best Marriage Proposal of 2015 (Warning: Will Make You Cry!)

Still, his internet fame will comfort any mild criticism of his proposal. He put in such an effort. A little slagging is the price of viral success, we feel.

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