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ABSOLUT Fringe 2011
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5 questions for the Fringe: Adrienne Truscott
Each day for the 16 days of ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 in Dublin, we quiz the creatives on how they work, why they work – and their tips for the festival.

IN TODAY’S MINI-INTERVIEW with an ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 figure, we throw five rapid-fire questions at Adrienne Truscott, choreographer maKe, i mean.

maKe, i mean is at the Project Arts Centre tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at 9.30pm.

Adrienne Truscott, tells us about your ABSOLUT Fringe:

Describe your show to’s readers in 20 words:

maKe, i mean is made of eruptions of consciousness, behaviour, text, movement and costumes. It feels bold, bawdy, unrecognisable, serious, unschooled, anti-professional, dirty and funny, and when performed will creative a narrative whether you like it or not.

Or, here are 20 words that describe the show: Original. Funny. Dirty. Existential. Unrecognizable. Hard. Easy. Subtle. Bawdy. Random. Non-sensical. Mundane. Exalted. Naked. Eager for multiple interpretations. Vertical. Idiotic.

Do you have any special rituals you just have to carry out before a performance/reading/exhibition?

I like to have lively and often quite ‘bad’ music playing. There should be dirty jokes and shenanigans that are for the cast’s eyes only in the dressing room. I like to be sure that my personal hygiene and that of my dancers is in accordance with the practices of the day. I like the cast to create a state of near hysteria, but a pleasant hysteria. Then I like to temper that with a shot of bourbon.

What’s the best/worst audience reaction you’ve ever had to your work?

I’m hoping for both to happen here.

What/who do you recommend we go see at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011?

I highly recommend seeing the piece that Deborah Hay is choreographing, a theater piece called A Lost Opera by The Genesis Collective – Deborah was a huge inspiration for me, and has a divinely punk rock spirit about much of what she does; The List Operators, from Melbourne, are brilliantly funny and combine brevity and wit like few can. I heard Man of Valour did very well at Edinburgh this year.  And I’d be pretty chuffed if you went to see maKe, i mean, by a thoughtful, funny, frequently naked American choreographer. Other than that I just hope to be able to see a bunch of stuff.

What has inspired you or made you happy today?

The sun coming out. Surprisingly, accidentally making the whole beginning of our dance today. Catherine Rutter’s shoes. And two bits of grafitti I saw on the southside; the first said ‘Overcome by the violence of delight,’ and the other said, “I’d rather meet a dealer on a badly lit corner than a criminal in a three-piece suit”. You’ve probably seen them before but Dublin has some great grafitti and public art.

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