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5 reasons to admire David Hasselhoff

He’s big in Germany, you know.

THIS DAY 61 years ago the man, the legend, David Hasselhoff was born.

A day as momentous as this one just can’t be ignored, so here are five reasons to celebrate the man himself:

His cover of ‘Hooked On A Feeling’

There are too many great moments to pick out the best, but we like the part when he flys over mountains. Watch the whole thing and decide for yourself.

His lasting legacy in the world of television advertisements

He really loves that coffee. So much so, that he takes it with him surfing, jet skiing, and even wind sailing.

He rocked the Tubridy Show to its core

The fortunate ladies of Montrose couldn’t believe their luck when The Hoff joined them for a dance to his questionably named hit, Get In My Car.

His hair in Knightrider

Simply glorious.


And of course, for being the founder of the slow-motion beach run

via Youtube/TempoJahnke

Happy Birthday Hoff!

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