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6 of the worst Christmas tree decorations

The 8 worst and weirdest Christmas decorations hauled from online craft store Etsy.

A CRAFTY CROSS between Amazon and Ebay or a last resort for all that crap you couldn’t sell at the parish car boot sale, Etsy is at once an online storefront for talented artists and everything your grandmother usually dumped at the far end of the attic.

Here are seven of the worst Yuletide decorations we could dig up.

“If you can have one person over the holidays, make it Tupac.”

Epic Legendary Tupac Ornament Just For You

Epic legendary Tupac ornament

Think the Christmas jumper fad is here to stay?

Sparkletastic -Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweater Party-  Bright Red Sparkly Sleeveless Turtle Neck Sweater  - Unisex -  Small

Vintage Christmas Sweater

Because I just wasn't bothered

3 budweiser beer dog magnets or christmas tree ornaments

3 budweiser beer dog Christmas tree ornaments

Ok, glad you like it. Now stick on those brussel sprouts

The Perfect Gift 1950's Cookware Advertisement Christmas Ornament

The perfect gift 1950s cookware advertisement Christmas ornament

"Oh thanks hun, it's...a boiled potato with sticks?"

Sale coupon code - Folk Art Doll Ornament cloth clay hand stitching rainbow ribbon purple hair  holiday

Folk art doll ornament

"Let me know if you have questions" says the seller of this little beauty. Ok, sure. "Do the doctors know you have internet access?"

Multi-optic Christmas Ornament The Eyes of God Horus Compassion Eye

Muti-optic Christmas ornament

"You have exactly one minute to get out of my house."

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