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6 reasons it’s great that the ATMs are going to have tenners again

This is a game changer folks.

IT’S NOT OFTEN that there is good news about financial affairs these days in Ireland, but today things are different.

Tenners are coming back to our ATMs, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Here are six reasons it’s going to be great.

You can avoid the ‘have you not got anything smaller?’ death stare

Taxi drivers and news agent staff are the worst for this.

For years we’ve had to stifle screams of, ‘WELL NO I DON’T ACTUALLY BECAUSE THE BLOODY ATM WON’T GIVE ME ANYTHING BUT A BLOODY FIFTY’, but now we’ll be able to relax and say, ‘No problem brah, I’ve got a tenner right here.’

Having €12 in your account at the end of the month won’t be torture anymore

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The numbers between ten and twenty have been tortuous in terms of our bank accounts of late.

What might have bought you a nice dinner or paid for your fitness class has frequently languished in your account, taunting you because you couldn’t access it as cash.

Not so anymore.

It’s just the right amount of money to get yourself a burrito and a drink, and what is better than a burrito and a drink?

It’s just such a nice treat when you’re almost, but not quite, broke.


It’ll get you two pints

Two pints is a fine amount for a catch up with a friend, and if you’ve no cash left in your wallet you’re more likely to actually go home.

If you have a twenty you might stay for two more, and let’s be honest, four pints is when all sense goes out the window.


If you only have a tenner on you, you’ll be more careful with your spending

If you have a fifty in your wallet you might be a bit free and easy with the auld one and two euro coins, y’know?


You’ll be able to put a tenner into a card for a child much more easily

We long for simpler times, God be with the days, etc. Flickr/Anosmai

In recent times, it was a lot of effort to put a tenner into a card for a child’s birthday or communion.

You’d have to actually go and get change and chances are the whole process would make you feel really stingy and you’d end up throwing the twenty in anyway.

Hopefully the return of the ATM tenner will rein in crazy spending when it comes to kid’s presents.

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