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horrible food

7 Instagram photos that will make you feel better about your cooking

We feel sick.

DO YOU THINK your cooking is bad? Well, think again. Below is a collection of photos from the cookingforbae Instagram account. The photos are ‘regrams’ of the worst food photos posted to the photo sharing site. WARNING:  If you are slightly squeamish or enjoy cooking you may find some of these photos revolting and /or upsetting.

1. Shepherd’s Pie

Instagram Instagram


2. Fry-up

Instagram Instagram

Double yum.

3. Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Instagram Instagram

This is just disgusting.

4. Hot dogs

Instagram Instagram

But this is kind of impressive. Even MacGyver would be proud.

5. Something involving rice…

Instagram Instagram

All of these are horrible.

6. Stuffed turkey

Instagram Instagram

There are no words.

7. Pop tart

This is just depressing.

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