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# Free WiFi
8 unreasonable things we'll do for WiFi access
I’m not stealing your wifi. It’s trespassing in my house.

“YES, BUT IS there WiFi?!”

That’s the cry that’s becoming increasingly common across the land, as people clamour for constant contact with the online world.

Here are the lengths people will go to to get their fix…

1. Illegal Activity

Dumpaday Dumpaday

2. Creepy corner tweeting

Imgur Imgur

3. Death-defying stunts

Imgur Imgur

4. Risking hypothermia outside Starbucks

Inhabitat Inhabitat

5. Rejecting establishments like this

Imgur Imgur

6. Flagrant Freeloading

Bigbangmemes Bigbangmemes

7. Trespassing on a neighbour’s lawn

Github Github

8. Relocating

Tanaza Tanaza

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