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9 of the worst questions you could be asked in a job interview

The nightmare questions which have actually been asked in interviews include queries on poisoning pigs, good jokes, favourite songs, and the roundness of manholes. How would you answer?

WHAT’S THE strangest thing you’ve ever been asked in a job interview?

Business Insider and have compiled a list of the strangest/worst questions (which are testing in more ways than one) that have actually been asked in interviews by companies including Amazon and Ernst & Young.

The questions range from odd riddle-sounding problems, to queries about the interviewee’s sense of humour.

Add the answers you’d give to any of these questions if you were asked them in an interview to the comments section below.

1. Name three things that, if you were told were part of the job, would cause you to not take the position. (The job: Applications Support at Allant Group)

2. Tell me a joke. (The job: Investment Banker at JPMorgan Chase)

3. A 22- or 23-year-old girl who is getting a bachelor’s degree is taking her 100-year-old grandmother for her driving test. What can you say about this family? (The job: Actuarial Analyst at AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange)

4. There are 1,000 buckets – one of them contains poison, the rest of them are filled with water. They all look the same. If a pig drinks that poison, it will die within 30 minutes. What is the minimum number of pigs to you need to figure out which bucket contains the poison within one hour? (The job: Trading Analyst at Accuen)

5. Why should we hire you? You don’t seem like our type. (The job: Account Executive at EMC)

6.  Sing a few lines of your favorite song. (The job: Trainee Network Engineer at HCL Comnet Systems and Services Limited)

7. Why are manholes round? (The job: Supply Chain at Schlumberger)

8. Estimate the revenue of M&Ms in the US. (The job: Commercial Due Diligence Intern at Ernst & Young)

9. Having an infinite supply of water and two containers, one for 3 litres and one for 5 litres, how would you measure 4 litres? (The job: Software Development Engineer at

For more strange interview questions, read Alyson Shontell and Karlee Weinmann’s piece in Business Insider >

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