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18 memories every 90s kid will instantly relate to

If you didn’t record yourself on the Fisher Price cassette player, step out of the room.

Many photos via nostalgia on Reddit.

1. The unmistakeable smell of these

Source: Imgur

2. Trying to get the balance right on these

Source: Imgur

Maybe if I just bend this wing slightl.. NOOOOOOO

3. What the inside of these felt like on your fingers

Source: Imgur

4. Coveting these

Source: Imgur

McDonalds Changeables, as they were officially known. Not that your mam would EVER take you to McDonalds.

5. The whirring sound of this game

Source: Imgur

6. The noise of these in full effect

Source: Imgur

And then the sound of having them immediately taken off you by your dad.

7. The mysterious yet powerful appeal of these

Source: Imgur

Or the female version, Polly Pocket. What did you do with them? Well… nothing, really. They just were.

8. Falling off these

Source: Imgur

I mean seriously.

9. Mashing the paddles on this with frightening violence

Source: photographerpandora

10. Making your own ‘radio shows’ on this


11. Stopping at traffic lights on this

Source: Scattermats

12. ‘Smoking’ these

Source: Imgur

13. Getting these as prizes in school, and being VERY proud of them

Source: Wordpress

14. Almost as proud as you were if you owned one of these.

Source: Doba

(Before the crushing disappointment when you lost one of the nibs, and then the others wouldn’t work.)

15. This being the greatest test of human dexterity ever devised

Source: James E. Petts

16. Never admitting that you were slightly scared these would hit you in the face

Source: Etsystatic

17. Pretending this was your baby and/or beating your brother over the head with it

Source: futurestreet

18. And finally, the gooey stuff that leaked from this guy’s arms when you stretched him too far.

Source: Alex Beattie

Everything beautiful dies. :(

Many photos via nostalgia on Reddit.

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