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13 beautifully creepy photos of abandoned landmarks

Prepare to be awed.

SOMETIMES, EMPTINESS can be beautiful. Look at these photos.

1. This church in Detroit

Source: Flickr

2. This hair salon at a former ‘asylum for the chronically insane’ in New York

Source: Freaktography

3. This theme park in New Orleans

Source: ezeterberg

4. This mall in Florida

Source: Brett Levin Photography

5. This hospital in Perth, Australia

Source: Nate Robert

6. This hospital in Kiel, Germany

Source: janbommes

7. This department store in a shopping mall

Source: Fire At Will

8. This industrial facility in Ohio

Source: thart2009

9. This lecture theatre in Kiel, Germany

Source: janbommes

10. This resort hotel in Hawaii

Source: peptic_ulcer

11. This mill in Halifax

Source: pepemczolz

12. This shopping mall food court in Chesterfield, Virginia

Source: Fire At Will

13. And this railway station in Detroit

Source: country_boy_shane

PICS: Beauty in abandoned villas in Europe>

Look! It’s George Harrison as a child on O’Connell Street>

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