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Brits voted Irish as the 'most attractive' accent in the UK and Ireland

But who came bottom?

LOOK, WE’LL ADMIT we love the Irish accent, but sure we’re only weak for ourselves, so it doesn’t really count.

Source: Dominic Lipinski

If you want a real measure of your accent, it’s worth wandering a little further afield (for obvious reasons.)

Thankfully, V2 Cigs UK have done the grunt work for us, and conducted a survey into dealbreakers for those on the dating scene.

Harnessing the opinion of 2,000 British people, the folk at V2 Cigs learned that when it comes to accents, us Irish fare pretty well.

In fact, we top the poll of most attractive accents, if you don’t mind.

Of the 13 regions included in the survey, 31 per cent considered accents in the Republic the most attractive while 29 per cent opted for the Northern Irish accent. (Thank you for that, Jamie Dornan.)

Source: V2Cigs

Unfortunately, our Scouse, Brummie and Cockney friends didn’t fare so well, and amassed just 15% respectively.

And for those who consider the Irish accent the least attractive, we wouldn’t date you anyway.

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