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# Motherhood and Masters
Juggling motherhood and a Masters: How one 26-year-old navigates the challenges
One mother’s story.
# Derry Girls FTW
Derry Girls has been nominated for a BAFTA, and Twitter is as proud as the cast
Do it, girls.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# Zero-alcohol cocktails
'People are just cutting down': An insider guide to Dublin's growing no-alcohol cocktail scene
The days of the sugary mocktail are over, according to the capital’s best mixologists.
# Mother's Day grief
'She's still my mother': How to navigate loss in the lead-up to Mother's Day
“I had a mother. I have a mother.”
# Talking cobblers
Poll: Do you owe a debt of gratitude to the cobblers in your life?
Let’s talk cobblers.
# tv picks
What to Watch on TV Tonight: Tuesday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# Highstreet Hauls
Toying with the idea of a tea top? Here are our favourite high-street offerings
Time to treat yourself?
# adulting
We asked you what moment made you realise you had entered adulthood, and here's what you said
Recognise any of these?
# Happiness
We asked you which item in your beauty bag makes you happiest, and here's what you said
Today is the International Day of Happiness, people.
# The Theranos Tale
Everyone is talking about Elizabeth Holmes, but are you up to speed on the whole story?
Here’s everything you need to know.
# derry girls
Boy bands and Belfast-bound buses: Derry Girls' 'Take That' episode was a serious hit
‘We can not walk to Belfast.”
# world of celebs
Queer Eye's Antoni explained that reaction to Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson shift... it's The Dredge
All of the celeb news you could need.
# Suffering with psoriasis
Suffering with psoriasis: What to know about the skin condition Kim Kardashian lives with
Are you familiar with the condition?
# Netflix
Poll: Are you guilty of leeching off someone else's Netflix password?
You can tell us.
# Amy and Chris
'There were some signs early on': Amy Schumer has discussed her husband's autism
“He keeps it so real.”
# world of celebs
Megan Barton Hanson called Love Island bosses 'amazing' for showing her support... it's The Dredge
All of the celeb news you could need.
# Britpop Bangers
Who Sang It: The Britpop Edition
Time to test your knowledge.
# Camouflage Collection
PSA: Camouflage is all over the highstreet right now, and here are our top picks
We spotted them despite their best efforts.
# The Public Have Spoken
Queer Eye season 3 landed this weekend, and the sound of sobbing is deafening
It’s been emotional, guys.
# tv picks
What to Watch on TV Tonight: Bank Holiday Monday
All the telly you need tonight.
# love island
ITV have responded to backlash following the death of Love Island's Mike Thalassitis
“Care for our Islanders is a process the show takes very seriously.”
# derry girls
'I’m scared that I’m going to get found out': Derry Girls' Erin is all too familiar with Imposter Syndrome
‘I know everybody feels this.’
# Is It Just Me
Is it just me that agonises over the 'outside' mirror in fitting rooms?
Never afraid to ask the hard questions.
# Comfort viewing
We asked you which TV show is your visual version of a comfort blanket, and here's what you said
“It’s so bad, it’s good.”
# making the leap
From marketing to make-up artistry: How one woman combined business with beauty
“It’s takes courage, commitment and belief.”
# Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj fans chanted Cardi B's name outside the 3Arena after her last-minute cancellation
Nope, not happening.
# Taylor's Squad
If you found Taylor Swift's 'squad' narrative insufferable, she sees your point
“I shouted it from the rooftops.”
# I Weigh Interviews
Sam Smith revealed he had liposuction at the age of 12 in an emotional interview with Jameela Jamil
“I was holding a lot of estrogen in my chest.”
# Neil and Katya
Poll: Where do you draw the line when it comes to cheating in a relationship?
“I can accept people make mistakes.”
# RIP Pat Laffan
Pat Laffan, famed for the roles of Georgie Burgess and Pat Mustard, has died
“We will miss him terribly.”
# Friends Reunited
A Friends reunion is a no-go because the 'heart of the show' no longer exists... apparently
Ah Marta, have mercy.
# The Laughs of Your Life
Doireann Garrihy's podcast landed last night, and here's what Twitter had to say
‘Loved it!’
# So Many Emotions
Poll: Has the death of a high-profile person ever reduced you to tears?
We want to hear from you.
# The Anxiety Podcast
Vogue Williams' feeling of 'absolute fear' will resonate with countless anxiety sufferers
“I constantly had this feeling of absolute fear in my stomach.”
# jordyn woods
Here's why a haircare brand has issued an official apology to Jordyn Woods
“We will strive to do better.”
# Like a prayer
Poll: Do you throw St Anthony a desperate prayer more often than not?
‘Have you said a prayer to St. Anthony?’
# Luke and Sophie
Here's why Luke Perry's daughter has had to 'justify' how she grieves for her father
“I did not ask for this attention.”
# Chasing Cars
Courteney Cox's daughter performed Chasing Cars with Gary Lightbody, and Insta is impressed
‘If I lay here…’
# Alfred Hitchcock
How Much Do You Know About the Work of Alfred Hitchcock?
Test your wits.