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The 8 unique struggles of having an Irish accent abroad

You can talk the talk, but will anyone understand?

BEING IRISH ABROAD can be a hugely positive experience.

You’re often met with a smile and a welcome once the locals hear your accent, which can give you the novelty factor needed to make awkward small talk.

Sometimes though, there are real first world problems associated with being away from the aul sod with our distinctive lilt.

1. The impersonations will come thick and fast

tumblr_mmsjl2ik7A1rx35huo1_500 Source: Tumblr

“No, top of the morning to you, fellow pirate.” 

It’s best just to go with it – nod along at the clichéd Irish references with a weary sigh.

2. People always think you are Scottish

braveheart_245170s Source: Culturaenmasa

There are many theories as to why this is the case:

Especially if you are from the North.

3. Your accent changes when speaking to other Irish people

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Yousuddenlyspeakreallyquicklikethis to an Irish friend and everyone around you notices the shift in accent and tempo. They think you have your own language. Have you been slowing down your speech this whole time to fit in?

4. Asking questions can be more hassle than they’re worth

Black Friday Source: Joe Giddens

Interactions with shop assistants and ordering off menus can be tricky. Sometimes it’s best to employ the point and tap approach.

5. Basic numbers can easily trip people up

Brand New Source: mikecogh

Just avoid all variations on the number 3. That should be easy, right?

6. Voice recognition apps are not designed for the Irish brogue


7. People will ask you to speak “Gaelic” instantly

Gaelic_League_advert_in_Gaelic_Journal_1894 Source: Wikimedia

You mumble out “Conas atá tú” and be on your way.

8. A lot of what you say will be misunderstood

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