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This person kept accidentally texting a guy for nearly a year and got the best responses

She was looking for Wendy, but instead got this guy with a beard.

MOST OF US have sent a wrong number text or two in our time – you shake off the awkwardness and move on.

But this person has kept the awkwardness going for nearly a year. She was looking totext Wendy but she kept getting this guy instead.

It all started back in February. The guy responded with an epic beard picture to let her know it was definitely the wrong number

wendy1 Source: Imgur

That was fine, no response there. Surely this person knows this is not Wendy’s phone, right?


wendy2 Source: Imgur

Despite the beard pictures this person just keeps on going, under the impression that they’re speaking to Wendy

wendy3 Source: Imgur

His charade nearly got caught out when he asked what time the party is on

wendy4 Source: Imgur

Every time he would send a reply, he made it 100% obvious he was not Wendy

wendy5 Source: Imgur

By August, the random messages were still appearing

wendy6 Source: Imgur

SERIOUSLY, this must stop

wendy7 Source: Imgur

And finally he says “Maybe I should just accept my life as the bearded Wendy.”

wendy8 Source: Imgur

This man’s frustrating odyssey as Wendy was uploaded to Imgur yesterday and the internet is aghast that such a person exists.

How can she continue to send her texts to the wrong number? How did this guy get such a ridiculously bushy beard? Will they now stop with their incessant messages to Wendy?

So many questions.

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