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# Workplace
Tesco worker 'sent home because of his beard' awarded €2.5k following Labour Court hearing
The man maintained he always kept his beard neat and tidy, and he should not have been suspended.
# Facial Hair
A retail worker got a €2,500 payout after claims he was subjected to a 'beard vendetta'
The man said his employer broke workplace laws in its ‘punitive action’ against him over his facial hair.
# zac efron
People are comparing Zac Efron's beard to a panini maker because the internet is mean
It’s for a role, FYI.
# Your Say
Poll: Should uniformed gardaí be allowed have beards?
Currently, gardaí must be clean-shaven while on duty.
# babyface
This mam didn't recognise her own son after he shaved off his beard
A beard is for life, not just for Christmas.
# hairy faces
QUIZ: How well do you know beards? It's the ultimate beard quiz
Put your knowledge to the test.
# wendy's not here
This person kept accidentally texting a guy for nearly a year and got the best responses
She was looking for Wendy, but instead got this guy with a beard.
# the beard
18 quickest reactions to Jezzer Corbyn's Labour leadership victory
It all went a bit Golden Cleric.
# two face
This Italian athlete's half-beard is extremely puzzling
It’s a no from us.
# posh totty
Kate Middleton's ridey brother is distracting people from the tennis at Wimbledon
Behold the beard.
# dirrty
Sorry, beard aficionados -- a study has found that beards are as 'dirty as toilets'
Those beards contain all different types of bacteria, you know.
# Beardmageddon
The greatest beard in sport is no more - and here are the pics to prove it
Goodnight, sweet beard. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
# half beard
This athlete just won the prize for most hipster beard ever
It’s a look anyway. You can’t deny him that.
# Beard
9 reasons why we're excited about Roy Keane's return to punditry
The Ireland assistant boss is set to be part of ITV’s coverage of Chelsea v PSG.
# By the beard of Mick
Have you seen Mick Wallace's epic beard?
The independent TD has some unbelievable facial hair tekkers.
# locking good
Baby-faced Iain Henderson now has a great big bushy beard!
We needed some good news today, and here it is.
# make it stop
This guy's incredibly long ingrowing hair will gross you out like nothing else
And we do mean “incredibly long”.
# beard baubles
Looking to make your winter beard a bit more festive? Try beard baubles
# facial rug
7 things Shane from Boyzone's beard looks like, according to Jonathan Ross viewers
WHAT a beard.
# beard king
'It's like Gandalf' - Women react to THAT Roy Keane beard
The Ireland assistant boss gets mistaken for Gary Neville and a farmer in this video.
# Photoshop
Aston Villa squad gets Roy Keane beard treatment in magnificent team photo
Facial hair for everyone!
# peekaboo
Dad shaves off his beard, baby girl has no idea who he is
“Where’s daddy?”
# licence to beard
Belvedere College is asking 6th year students to register their beards
But all is not as it seems…
# whose phone is that?
Roy Keane Beard Watch: Today's look? Tommy Tiernan on a walking tour of Galway
The original and best facial hair appreciation series.
# blossoming beards
Flower Beards are the latest weird trend in facial hair
Peak beard level, obtained.
# Chin Up
WTF is up with John Travolta's beard?
No, not THAT beard.
# Eurovision
Conchita Wurst's beard is taking over the internet
People are tweeting photos of themselves with beards in solidarity with her victory.
# bit of ginge
9 persuasive arguments why every man should have a beard
You know it’s the right thing to do.
# hirsutes you sir
Sexton shaves D'Arcy's magnificent beard off after Six Nations win
# getting hairy
Dutch coach vows to go unshaven until team snap 17-game winless streak
That’s what we call motivation.
# tache on
Beard association want to bring the World Beard Championships to Ireland
Beard-owners and beard-lovers, your time has come.
# Beardless
PICS: After 40 years, David Norris has shaved off his beard for charity
The senator has given his 40-year-old beard the chop in aid of cancer charities.
# Charity
David Norris to shave off his beard - over the Seanad referendum
The Senator will shave his beard off for charity on the Ray D’Arcy show tomorrow morning.
# hairy situation
PICS: These are some of the best beards and moustaches in the world
Bow before them!
# jon hamm's beard
14 things that really worried (and delighted) us about the Emmy awards
Seriously. What’s the story with Will Arnett’s tan?
# face rug
6 undeniable reasons why every Irish man should have a beard
Feast your eyes…
# hep cats
QUIZ: Are you a closet hipster?
Find out once and for all!
# hirsutes you sir
Beards make everything better... here's 7 reasons why
Get growing fellas.
# statement
Paul Galvin releases the greatest statement you will ever read about a GAA player's beard
Stop whatever you are doing and read this now.
# all his power
Chuck Norris has shaved off his beard... here's 6 things he's now afraid of
We’re not afraid of him anymore.