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15 realistic college tips all new students need to know
Let’s not sugarcoat things.

WITH CAO OFFERS out today, it’s time to let future college students know what they’re in for.

1. You will rarely go to your morning lecture looking human

And hey, that’s OK. At least you went. Just sit at the back and scroll through Facebook, all while depositing those sweet attendance credits.

lecture-hall-elite0daily Elitedaily Elitedaily

2. Always check if the notes are on Moodle

Moodle is an online resource you can log into at any time, and therefore skip lectures and that whole ‘attentive note taking’ lark.

3. Do things you want to do on campus instead

Want to go into journalism? Write for the paper. Want to go into business? Start selling something. Want to get a beer gut? Head to the SU bar.

newspapers-feat D28htnjz2elwuj D28htnjz2elwuj

4. Literally nobody you talk to during Fresher’s Week will be a longtime friend

Be honest, it was a convenience fling. Don’t think you’re doomed to a college life of bad friends.

Freshers-Week7 Whatsgoodonline Whatsgoodonline

5. Societies will attempt to lure you in with free stuff

And you should sign up to each and every one of them. You don’t actually have to go to those juggle soc meets, but you get pizza vouchers and a pen you will use exclusively for the rest of your college career.


6. Go to literally any event with free food or wine

Pizza and wine is given out at college events more than the shift is given out at the Fresher’s Ball so get along to them and save on the food expenses. You’ll look like a social butterfly, but really, you’re just a hunga.

PizzaParty Lsu Lsu

7. Get familiar with the cheapest food in the vicinity

Stock up on coffee and beige food such as pasta and rice, locate your nearest Lidl, drink bier d’or from Tesco.

IDShot_540x540 Tesco Tesco

8. Don’t get started on essays early

It’s a waste of time. You’ll get all you need to get done in the last 24 hours before the deadline date.

challenge Wordpress Wordpress

9. The hardest part of all coursework is the referencing

Seriously. Get familiar with it, quick. If all else fails, use an online generator.

harvard-ref-cat Wordpress Wordpress

10. Never host a party, just attend

Sure, you’ll be briefly labelled as a leeching dryshite but is that REALLY any worse than losing your deposit or discovering a puddle of dried vomit under your bed, weeks later?

101_0287 Photobucket Photobucket

11. Use your lecturer’s office hours every now and again

At least when you come pleading for an extension, they’ll know who you are.

12. Do your bit in group projects

No one likes THAT guy.


13. Don’t ask twenty thousand questions

Seriously, it’s coming to the end of the lecture and you’re keeping everyone there for an extra hour. See if you can discover the sixteenth answer yourself, if not, ask them at the beginning of the next.

question BlogSpot BlogSpot

Make this bigger.

14. Don’t leg it home every weekend

Some good stuff happens around campus at the weekend, and you’ll get some guilt-free partying in. Also, learn how to cook without running home to mammy.

SEY68 Imgur Imgur

15. Have some semblance of cleanliness

Your flatmates will thank you for it, and you never know when you might need to be impressing someone.

dirty-dishes I-change I-change

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