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adele is swell

13 reasons why we want to be friends with Adele

You will too after reading this. Honestly.

ADELE IS CELEBRATING her birthday today.

She is only 25, and she seems to be really, really good craic alongside her obvious talents as a musician.

It just makes us think about why we want to be best friends with Adele.

1. She might let us ride her bicycle

We don’t mean that in a rude way, look at how much fun she has her on bike!

Adele seems sound and like she’d happily share it with you:

via Adele’s blog

2. She likes swearing

No, she loves to swear!

Heathersexual / Tumblr

So do we!


3. She would have good stories about other celebs

Adele seems as in awe of meeting big names as we would be.

She talks about what it was like when Beyoncé and Jay-Z knew who she was

Tonii Knowles / YouTube

Imagine how you’d react!

She got a hug from Kylie once.

A. hug. from. Kylie.

Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images

We would have Adele tell us how she felt about every single one of these encounters and feel no shame about it.

4. She loves the Spice Girls

She has an unwavering but realistic love for the Spice Girls and was so excited to see them at their reunion gig that she got sick.

Honestly, Adele it’s like we’re meant to be:

AdeleTheGoddess21 / YouTube

5. She will not take any of your messing

Adele definitely seems like a right laugh but we reckon she wouldn’t be shy of telling you when you’re being a bit of a fool, which is an important friend trait.

For example, Adele wasn’t afraid to let the 2012 Brit awards team who cut her off mid speech know how she felt:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

And it seems clear that during this red carpet appearance, Adele was saying “Yeah I may have won an award, but less of your guff person taking my picture”

Zak Hussein/PA Archive/Press Association Images

And even at the VMAs it is obvious that Adele is telling someone from MTV: “ah here leave it ouh” or similar

Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images

6. She can show you have to have really big hair

Look, we don’t care whether you are male or female or what kind of hair related interests you have, you’ll want to rock Adele hair like this:

via Gifs Planet

7. She will be essential during your break-ups

It is a cliché at this stage but Adele has made  her mark with songs perfect for  a break-up.

Having already endured heartbreak and made music out of it Adele would be a great mate for teaching how to get through it.

She might encourage you to channel your anger into something creative like music, theatre or making sock puppets.

Or she might just take you for a big night out to forget your troubles.

Daisy Rage / Tumblr

She’d say that to you over a few sherries and you’d be bawling.

8. She’d let you see her many, many awards.

You may have noticed that Adele has won quite a few awards.

If you were mates with Adele she’d let you recreate this photo whenever you visited her house (she wouldn’t have a choice because we would insist that we did)

Mark J. Terrill/AP/Press Association Images

And we could play a game of “Kiss the well known award” in reference to this Adele moment:

Tammie Arroyo/AFF/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Or this one:

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

9. She’d impress with her “I don’t really care” face

Adele is so good at the “Oh really? That’s nice. Oh wait, I actually don’t care” face that we’d be asking her for lessons.

via Gifs Planet

10.  She is genuinely funny

We can’t be friends with someone who isn’t now could we?

jorate101 / YouTube

11. She has a good cackle

You know how some people have a laugh that makes you want to laugh?

Adele is part of that group:

Marissa Hall / YouTube

12. She likes to impersonate Rihanna

When Rihanna performed on the X-Factor in 2010 Adele blogged a picture afterwards of herself rocking a Rihanna inspired wig.

We’ve all done it:

via Adele’s blog

13. She is very talented

We kind of just want to be friends with the person responsible for songs like this to be honest:

Texhnician / YouTube

Happy Birthday Adele!

(We got the age wrong on your cake. Sorry.)

via Handmade Queen

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