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All time
9 things that always happened while watching Blind Date
You’d be having a lorra, lorra laughs
# power couple
Couple announce wedding by recreating film and TV posters in impressive fashion
Talk about raising the bar.
# bad rap
8 rappers who acted the dope on Twitter
They’d want to get a grip in fairness.
# movies movies baby
Watching Ice Ice Baby as "sung" by these famous movies will make your day
This is incredibly well done.
# aengus forever
Here's why Aengus MacGrianna is now our favourite newsreader ever
Move over Anne Doyle, apologies Brian Dobson.
# stage rage
9 examples of crazy things happening at Beyoncé concerts
Did you know all these mad things were happening? DID YOU?
# Royal baby
WATCH: Man seems very confused about royal baby on Sky News
If you only watch one thing related to the royal baby make it this video.
# best dancing ever
Now THIS is how you dance to a Backstreet Boys song
This man has taken Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) to a whole new place.
# irish son
Here's how Michael Bublé really feels about Ireland
Michael loves Ireland forever and forever it seems.
# shopping jams
Somebody has written a song about The Square in Tallaght
If you love to shop then this might be the song for you.
# guitar and drum hero
WATCH: Guys play the guitar and drums at the same time and sounds quite good
We are impressed and jealous all at once.
# hocus life lessons
Hocus Pocus is 20 years old, here's what it can still teach you about life
You now have permission to watch it even though it’s not Halloween yet.
# headline heaven
11 brilliant headlines from little-known Irish magazines
Inspiring and hilarious reads abound.
# too much cute
WATCH: A micro-pig takes being cute to a whole new incredibly cute level
There’s cute and then there is this micro pig.
# scorchio
Mock news report sums up the downside to an Irish heatwave
Penneys are having a particularly tough time it seems.
# we love will
9 reasons to love Will Ferrell even more than you do already
Not that you needed an excuse. But still.
# far too kind
These people are better than you, but you can change that
Get involved in some random acts of kindness
# Danny Bye
The Script frontman announces he's leaving The Voice UK
The Irish star is to leave after two seasons and “couldn’t be more proud of the show”.
# kanye your enthusiasm
WATCH: The Kanye West sitcom clip you never thought you'd see
Kanye West and Larry David worked together apparently.
# cory monteith
Autopsy and toxicology on Glee star Cory Monteith completed
Tributes from fans and co-stars have been pouring in for the Canadian actor.
# me hoop
WATCH: Man does impressive hula hoop dance with giant tire
This guy must be in great shape.
# 99 heaven
The DOs and DON'Ts of eating a 99
It is harder than it looks.
# too too close
The perils of being too close with your pet
You’ll just wind up looking and acting like each other really.
# sister sister
11 reasons why Tia and Tamera were the best TV siblings ever
Sister Sister! Never knew how much I missed ya.
# is he serious?
This is probably the creepiest Craigslist ad you'll read today
If you want to be both “passionate” and “secure” then step right this way.
# 90s tat
Questionable 90s merchandise that might be worth a fortune*
*Well, a tenner at least.
# haka kids
WATCH: Kids do their own adorable take on the Haka
They think it’s scary we think it’s cute.
# jedward taught me
Twitter tells us what we can learn from Jedward
What an educational duo they are.
# no tom no
Here's where it all went wrong for Tom Cruise
Tom it may be your birthday but we need to be honest.
# waxworst
14 waxworks so bad they will make your jaw drop
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be a bit freaked out.
12 people who have a lot of feelings about Brian O'Driscoll
So many emotions being felt for poor BOD.
# kitchen rally
Donegal lads stage their own rally race ... in their kitchen
Their use of household items as props is very impressive.
# brilliant badger
This badger is better at tweeting than you
Going to the zoo will never be the same again.
# ice cream dream
Enda Kenny, Bressie and George Hook get their own ice cream flavour
Talk about an achievement.
# book banter
These books with a letter missing now have amazing covers
Photoshop fun at it’s finest.
This is what happens when you can ask Snoop Lion whatever you want
It is hilarious and informative.
# best best man
Irish best man convinces celebrities to appear in wedding speech
If you’re doing a speech any time soon you’ll have your work cut out to top this.
# cronut fever
Irish people were tasting cronuts today and here's how it went
They just look so very delicious.
# tell me lies
This is what happens when you lie to Justin Bieber fans
They just run with it apparently.
# festival fear
9 reasons why you're better off never going to a music festival
Honestly, you’re better off.