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6 times things got real heated on Adrian Kennedy's call-in show

When things get too real.

YESTERDAY, 98FM’s ADRIAN Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon enjoyed their greatest day ever when they shared photos of a couple caught rapid engaging in a sex act in the middle of Dublin city centre.

The hosts of Dublin Talks referred to the people in the images as “sick disgusting animals” and “scum”.


And as you can see, things got quite heated.

adrian2 Source: Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon/Facebook

But this isn’t the first time things have got heated. Oh no.

In fact, their Facebook page is basically a cauldron of tension and a hotbed for arguments.

Here are just some of their most recent scandals…

1. This photo of Jeremy Dixon swimming with a dolphin that apparently caused “war”

dixon Source: Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon/Facebook

People were none too pleased with this photo of Dixon posing with a dolphin and things got tense. 


2. When they got up in arms over this man drinking cans in the middle of the day


But the taxpayer!


3. When they passed a broken bus shelter…

10389449_731019137011980_8482494559974944281_n (1)

Not to worry, though. They were careful not to lay the blame on anyone in particular.

Just kidding!

They blamed “dragged up scumbags”.


Don’t even try to claim it was an accident, guys.



4. The time they spotted someone, ahem, going on the street


The hosts shared a photo of a woman allegedly pooing on the street and they made no apologies for it.


“Get down off your bloody high horse.”

5. When they argued with listeners over whether leads for children look silly or are silly



An argument for the ages.

6. When Jeremy was out over Christmas and snapped a photo of a woman who had smuggled a bottle of spirits into the pub


He was mad as hell.

She did it about 5 times that evening. I think this is the lowest of the low. If you can’t afford to pay for drink in a pub, stay at home…

But people were having none of it.


“Hope you’re ok hun.”

Never change, lads.

Someone fell over on Vincent Browne last night and oh, how everyone laughed >

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