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Adult sleepovers are getting seriously popular and it's divided the internet
Controversial, apparently.

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ADULT SLEEPOVERS ARE having a moment in the spotlight right now.

No longer the preserve of kids’ parties, the sleepover has now been embraced by proper adults (and so they can involve alcohol too).

It’s been called the ultimate casual gathering for grown-ups

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Yes. In the US adult slumber parties are getting very popular indeed.

So much so that The Guardian tried one out for themselves this week to see what the craic was

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Journalist Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett obviously loved a sleepover when she was young, but the idea is less appealing now:

as an adult, I was less keen on the idea. Boasting that you stayed up past 2am talking about boys just doesn’t carry the same social kudos these days.

But given it’s become fashionable now, she gave it a whirl with her friends. And she quickly realised some benefits:

What does appeal about a sleepover, however, is the idea of getting to spend a long period of time with my friends, without the inconvenience or expense of sitting in the pub until closing time.

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And despite some cringe instincts, the whole thing worked out pretty well:

While I find the current trend for “kidulthood” to be cringeworthy at best, a sleepover is a pretty good way to spend time with the people you like without having to shout over the music.

As it turns out, people LOVE adult sleepovers

A chance to relive your childhood

It’s open to everyone

So, the main benefits of the adult sleepover would appear to be:

  • Loads of time with your friends
  • Cheap drink
  • Serious craic
  • General cosiness

But, as with everything, The Guardian’s piece provoked some serious backlash. It was Get-In-The-Sea’d

Plenty out there think it’s ridiculous then.

Like, it is just having your friends over they say

It’s the issue that has divided the internet

Well now. Truly divisive indeed.

So, what do you make of this trend of adult sleepovers? 

Poll Results:

Yeah, looks like serious craic (631)
This is nonsense, I can't get on board with it at all (407)

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