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11 things you should never do after 2am but end up doing anyway
It’s so inevitable.

NOTHING GOOD EVER happens after 2am – we all know this.

But there is something that draws us in every time. Whether you’re staying in or going out, these post-2am activities are just too tempting:

1. Watch another episode on Netflix

Happy House of Cards release! tilty tilty

It’s getting to that time where it would mad not to finish the season off. The fact that the next episode automatically plays only helps this process along. You could have just watched it the next morning but noooo.

2. Take cash out of an ATM

medium_3981364314 Wordpress Wordpress

Yes, yes, it might be necessary… but looking back at your account the next morning will just fill you with a sense of shame and loss.

3. Actually, use your debit card at all

jvVw Theheartofcamelot Theheartofcamelot

They should be banned after midnight.

Phantom debit card charges are the scourge of the hangover. Trying to work out what the round consisted of will only make things worse. Cash is almost better.

4. Get any sort of takeaway food

Brick Oven Special Pizza Mike Saechang Mike Saechang

2.15am: “So. Hungry. Really should just sleep but pizza is calling me and I feel obliged to answer.”

Next morning: “Whhhhyyyy?”

5. Message someone with a mortifying drunk text

tumblr_inline_msu0ifdG8u1rnvwt1 Tumblr Tumblr

“I’ll just see if they’re out!”

*dies of embarrassment the next morning*

6. Buy anything online


When has shopping at 3am ever been a necessity? We’ve all been there though.

*receives new Mad Max-themed phone cover in the post and weeps*

7. Read your phone constantly in bed

funny-time-bed-comic-laptop-phone-pics Funnyasduck Funnyasduck

We should be all internetted out by 3am and ready for sleep. Just. One. More. Scroll.

8. Get that last round of shots in the club

tumblr_inline_mzer1e8g1M1r9pone Tumblr Tumblr

Oh, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time. Usually, though, completely unnecessary as the night is already over.

9. Call someone up for a chat

8XC9Vr3 Imgur Imgur

Either drunk or sober, this is usually a recipe for disaster. What couldn’t wait until the morning?

10. Watch absolute trash on TV

rocketlaugh_take1 Jackdurden Jackdurden

Oh, great, there’s a Jeremy Kyle marathon on from 3am followed by some infomercials. A must-watch line up.

11. Go for a drunken scout around Facebook


Because all Facebook comments after a certain time should automatically be banned. You’ll wake up the next day in a severe state of fear.

Still, no regrets when it comes down to it. You’re all like:

frank2 Youtube Youtube

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