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Airbnb's new logo is surprisingly sexual

We can all see it. Slightly NSFW.

OH, AIRBNB. Surely you noticed something was amiss with your new logo?

BssHuVQCQAACsyU Source: AirBnB

Look at it there. It’s like a Rorschach test for the tech era. But what most people were seeing wasn’t a pretty butterfly.

No, they were seeing nether regions. All of them

The house rental service unleashed their new logo, named Bélo, which is supposed to be an A merged with a heart and a place pin. But we know better. To make matters worse, they’re asking people to design their own versions with a handy online tool.


Of course, people have taken some creative control

tumblr_n8ty7mfccX1tho45lo1_1280 Source: AirBnB Logos

tumblr_n8twnd7S9f1tho45lo1_1280 Source: AirBnB Logos

tumblr_n8tj1pSnZm1tho45lo1_1280 Source: AirBnB Logos

Speculation as to their inspiration was rife

But all hope isn’t lost

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