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The 9 absolute worst people in the airport security queue

AKA hell on earth.

1. The people who have apparently never heard of airport security

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And ignored the many, many written and audible warnings of what they can and can’t bring through.

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2. And their close cousins, the people who wait til the VERY LAST MINUTE to do everything

Despite having been standing in the queue for 35 minutes or so.

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3. The queue pushers

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4. The people having a loud conversation in the line about their GAS holiday antics

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5. The incredibly slow people


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6. The people trying to bring something LUDICROUS through

“Oh, this gift set of carving knives might get damaged in the hold. I’d better put it in hand baggage.”

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7. The suitcase chancers

This gives you the rage even though it doesn’t affect you. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE PUTTING THAT IN HAND BAGGAGE?

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8. Anyone who tries to argue with the stupid rules

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And hold everyone up while they do so. Look, we all know the rules are stupid. But you just can’t bring your jar of expensive paté on the plane, and that’s final.

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9. And worst of all, the people who don’t move down while they put their million poxy items of clothing back on



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