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11 times Aisling Bea was just really f**king funny

She’s a gas ticket.

AISLING BEA IS taking over as a team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats.

Good, because the Kildare woman is REALLY F*CKING FUNNY.

1. Like when she demonstrated she definitely had an Irish upbringing

aa1 Source: fuckyeahbritishcomedy, tumblr

2. Or proved it’s tough to be a woman



3. But she’s got it sorted



k3lH9Ca Source: Imgur

4. That time she played it hard and loose with her definition of ‘lady garden’

tumblr_naxbgn3uVv1r5c73no1_250 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_naxbgn3uVv1r5c73no2_400 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_naxbgn3uVv1r5c73no3_250 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_naxbgn3uVv1r5c73no4_400 Source: Tumblr

5. This observation

6. She’s so smart

PastedImage-63811 Source: colourfulmotion, tumblr

7. Her view of romance is impeccable

abeaa3 Source: colourfulmotion, tumblr

8. When she just said it like it is


tumblr_nggxgbpQxJ1qc8jh0o1_500 Source: Tumblr

PastedImage-55468 Source: sandandglass, tumblr

Love sitting down.

9. Or gave the perfect impression of a pervert spanking a ghost


tumblr_o4fx3wCZfe1qgt42uo2_540 Source: Tumblr, shmoo06

10. Her explanation for talking to herself is pretty bang on

tumblr_nbung7qZjO1r5c73no2_250 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_nbung7qZjO1r5c73no3_250 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_nbung7qZjO1r5c73no4_250 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_nbung7qZjO1r5c73no1_250 Source: thepurplekoala

11. You can take the girl out of Ireland…


a2 Source: duchesscloverly

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