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14 struggles only people called Aisling will truly understand

It’s tough out there.

OH MY GOD, what a completely lovely name.

Aisling means ‘vision’, like the dream you are. But it comes with its downsides.

1. No one is quite sure where to put the fada

Hold on, IS THERE a fada?

PastedImage-29550 Source: @aisling_cobley

2. Or, spell it at all

3. Or, pronounce it


4. Some people need a reminder

5. But the struggle is so real


This is how you say it, for your information.

Source: PronunciationHub/YouTube

7. Don’t even think about getting your name on anything

8. Eventually getting a coke bottle with your name on it was a BIG deal for you

Pity you couldn’t find one. You’ll just have to take Aoife instead.

9. You have genuinely let someone call you Ashley before, because it was simply easier

10. Sometimes, you aren’t so sure yourself

Tweet by @Ais Source: Ais/Twitter

11. No honestly, what’s your REAL name?


12. THEN, once they finally get it, you’re accused of spelling it wrong

13. You can’t help that there are 100,000 variations

PastedImage-30488 Source: Wikipedia

Ass-ling? Please.

14. Take solace in the fact that you have a lovely name

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