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Alabama man jailed for three days for wearing saggy trousers
The 20-year-old was given a three-day sentence for contempt of court after showing up to enter a plea on a separate charge.

A CENTRAL ALABAMA JUDGE has ordered a man to serve three days in jail for contempt of court for wearing so-called saggy pants.

LaMarcus D Ramsey, 20, was in Autauga County Circuit Court on Tuesday to enter a plea on a charge of receiving stolen property.

Circuit Judge John Bush told Ramsey his blue jeans were sagging too low and gave him the three-day stint. The judge told Ramsey to buy pants that fit, or a belt, when he gets out of the county jail.

The judge says he finds it disrespectful and a disruption when people wear pants below their waistline in his chambers.

“To me it’s not any different than if someone stood up in court and started cussing everybody out,” Bush said.

“It’s disrespectful conduct and I think as judges we’re expected to at least have some degree of control and respect for the courtroom the people have given us charge of.”

Calls to Ramsey’s public defender were not immediately returned.

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