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This U2 fan came to Dublin and was extremely disappointed by what he found

He even rang Bono’s doorbell :(

ALAN CROSS IS a music journalist writing for the Winnipeg Metro in Canada.

He came to Dublin looking for U2.

And his experience was so disappointing, he wrote an entire article about it.

Source: Metro Winnipeg

In the article, Cross travels around Dublin looking for tributes to U2. He can’t find any.


He writes that while “other musicians are proudly celebrated”, the band “barely exists in their hometown”.

In fact, the only outdoor evidence of their presence he can find (other than at Windmill Lane) is the “BONO IS A POX” graffiti.

Source: Bono Is A Pox

Cross even went to ring Bono’s doorbell in Killiney.

But Bono didn’t answer.

All in all, the reporter was baffled by his experience.

Irish people have a notoriously troubled relationship with U2.

So tell us what you think! Does Dublin celebrate U2 enough? Should the city do more in tribute to (one of) its most famous exports?

Poll Results:

Couldn't give a monkey's (1579)
Yes, it should (1401)
No, it shouldn't (726)

Side note: Incidentally, Cross’s trip also had the most Irish ending of all time.

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