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Somebody has spotted another mortifying typo on one of Aldi's products

Ah lads.

ONLY TEN DAYS ago, Aldi was in the news for a rather embarrassing packaging blunder - when it looked like they had written c**t on their crackers.

Well, now they’re back again with this delightful label:

pooaldi1 Source: Facebook

Thanks to the font choice, what is supposed to be Protected Designation of Origin (shortened to PDO) comes across as “poo.”

Absolutely scarlet for Aldi once again.

Lillie Kernan posted it to the supermarket’s Facebook page, saying:

Seriously Aldi, why can’t you spot the seemingly naughty words in your graphic designs :) Olive Oil POO. Good product though- I do like Aldi.

What next in this grand tale of Aldi packaging blunders? No words are safe.

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