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All You Need Is Love

12 wonderful facts about love that will make you feel all fuzzy

All you need is love.

THE THING WE call love is bleedin’ majestic. Don’t forget it.

1. Having butterflies in your tummy is caused by adrenaline

Yep butterflies in your tummy when you see someone you like is a real thing. They’re caused by an adrenaline rush and a fight-or-flight response.

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2. It only takes four minutes to decide if you like somebody or not

You’ve only got four minutes before the first impression window closes. But don’t worry if you say something stupid, scientists say the decision has more to do with body language, tone and speed of your voice than the words actually coming out.


3. When a human falls in love, a cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones are released by amphetamines

This can result in lack of appetite, loss of sleep, increased heart rate, and intense excitement. All worth it tbh.


4. Speaking of the neurological effects, falling in love is similar to snorting cocaine

A small dose of cocaine is akin to falling in love in matters of the brain. A similar sense of euphoria kicks in, so put away the powder and open Tinder.

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5. Being in love is a natural painkiller

Ever feel a little less pained after a good cuddle? It’s science. A good hug or a cuddle will allow your body to produce oxytocin, a hormone produced in the brain, ovaries and testicles. Oxytocin has been found to decrease headaches and even completely get rid of pain. Holding hands can also reduce pain and stress.


6. Men fall in love quicker than women

A survey showed that 54 percent of men claim to have fallen in love at first sight, as opposed to just 44 percent of women.

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7. It is actually possible to have a broken heart

A broken heart is not just a saying. A big life event such as a split, a divorce or a physical separation can cause actual heart pain, research has found. Emotional stress causes the brain to produce certain chemicals that weaken the heart and cause chest pains. Yeooouch.


8. In terms of long term love, an attractive face is preferable to an attractive body

If you’re looking for a fling, you’re most likely to go for a hot bod. For a long term love? It’s all about that face. Sure don’t you have to look at it for the rest of your life.


9. Love changes throughout a relationship

OK so you may be in the romantic honeymoon stage, but science says that kind of euphoric love only lasts about a year. When this year of constantly jumping the bones of them is over, it turns into committal love.

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10. People with high self esteem have longer and more successful relationships

So it’s true, fall in love with yourself first etc.


11. Men who kiss their wives every morning may live up to five years longer than those who don’t

A good excuse as any to constantly steal a kiss.

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12. It’s official, love is all you need

A study carried out over 75-years in Harvard proved once and for all that love is all that matters. Happiness and fulfillmentwas found to be mostly connected to the search for love.

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