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Irish 'World's Best Job' winner cracks up Aussie newsreader
Oh, and she called him a “leprechaun”.

ALLAN DIXON IS the Dublin lad who won Australia’s ‘Best Job In The World’ competition last week, earning a six-month stint as an Outback Adventurer.

He was interviewed on Network Ten Late News by co-anchors Mat Doran and Natasha Exelby, who asked him whether he was looking for an Aussie wife.

Natasha then uttered this memorable line:

Maybe he will get to be one lucky little leprechaun!

Natasha then tried to read a serious news segment about riots in Brazil, but was so taken with Allan’s quest that it didn’t go quite to plan.

Meaning, she had a giggling fit while talking about the mass protests.

Watch the full segment here:

YouTube/RoughChop via Reddit

Natasha apologised afterwards. But probably our favourite bit of the clip is Allan’s response when the hosts thank him for coming on:

Poor lad. It’s nearly as bad as calling your teacher Mum.

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