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# blooper
Thibaut Courtois gifts goal to Russia with howler of an error for Belgium
Thankfully for the Belgians, the Real Madrid goalkeeper’s mistake didn’t prove costly in the end.
# yarggggh
An Oireachtas News reporter filming in Dublin was delightfully interrupted by the Viking Splash
The messers.
# Guess who's back
Aengus Mac Grianna had another brilliant newsreading blooper on the Six One last night
One for the showreel.
# nooooooo
A Sky News presenter accidentally introduced a politician as the leader of the 'Scottish Labia' party
It’s Labour. LABOUR!
# blooper
Even you would have scored after this goalkeeping howler
We doubt Falcao has ever had an easier task in front of goal.
# check yourself
This excellent news blooper proves one typo can change the whole meaning of a story
Check my WHAT?
Sky Sports presenter Clare Tomlinson 'mortified' over Dublin-Mayo All-England Final gaffe
“In 18 years of live TV, it’s up there with my worst moments.”
# all england final
Sky Sports presenter Clare Tomlinson says she's 'mortified' about THAT All-Ireland gaffe
“In 18 years of live TV, it’s up there with my worst moments.” Ah Clare, it’s OK.
# Aintree
Forget the horses - this man just won the Grand National
# Aintree
Forget the horses - this man just won the Grand National
# blooper
Craig Gordon's horrendous mistake is the icing on Celtic's miserable campaign
One for the own goals and gaffes DVD.
# blooper
The gremlins were still running riot in RTÉ yesterday evening
This time, Jean Byrne was the victim.
# Bad Hair Day
A BBC newsreader was caught brushing her hair, and totally owned it
Style it out.
This news reporter got the sh**e scared out of her on live TV
Creeping around in the back of the shot = NOT COOL.
# blooper
Things got real awkward when this news anchor accidentally called a food truck a 'food f***'
“High five yourself.”
# Gee Whizz
Is this man really having a wee in the background of last night's Xposé?
Xposé shot a jewellery segment outside. Probably not the best idea.
# rose-c***ed glasses
A BBC presenter just made a very rude blunder live at Cheltenham
NSFW language, obviously.
# Houdini
Minister does vanishing act live on Six One News
Wait. Where did he go?
# blooper
Nuala Carey was caught unawares while doing the weather yesterday
WHAT is that audio in the background?
# blooper
Woman licks news reporter on live TV, reporter carries on regardless
# falling for you
News interview captures hilariously unfortunate moment in the background
Well that’s embarrassing.
# green screen
There's a reason why you're not supposed to wear green on TV...
This weather reporter learned that very quickly.
# c'mon vogue
This kid hamming it up on live TV is the true definition of 'seizing the moment'
He’s our new hero.
# blooper
Pat Kenny's 'masturbate' slip up live on the radio
We know. We’re juvenile.
# whatever a spider can
Fox News airs Dublin's 'fighting Spiderman' video instead of apology
# blooper
BBC newsreader makes awkward dash to his chair during live broadcast
The perils of live telly.
# slow down pal
Creepy guy tells reporter 'You are so f***ing hot' live on air
Er, nice to meet you too sir.
# Hammered
France concede seven tries as the Wallabies rip it up in Brisbane
Les Bleus gave an abject performance that again calls Philippe Saint-André’s reign into question.
# blooper
Sky News accidentally airs chief political reporter saying "f**king hell"
What does this button do?
# made up
Aengus Mac Grianna explains the gaffe behind THAT viral clip
Not only that, but Anne Doyle is giving him away at his wedding!
# Ouch
BBC News accidentally says Prince William was in the IRA
I say!
# Earthquaaaake!
Did you spot the shaky camera fail on TV3 this morning?
# blooper
Epic interview fail by reporter on a boat
Wait for it…
# professional
News anchor stays unbelievably calm while being videobombed by a unicorn
This man is a hero.
# whoops
News station apologises after accidentally showing someone's penis
# porkies
Mortifying graphic oopsie gives female newsreader a pig face on live TV
Oh… dear.
# blooper
Newsreader accidentally says 'titties' during Valentine's Day broadcast
Perhaps the most unintentionally truthful report this man will ever read.
# bloopy bloop
Watch local news reporter pass out then amazingly continue her segment
# F-Bomb
Local newsreader really wants to go home, says very bad word
Justin Kraemer forgot to stay classy.
# morto
TV presenter brutally rejected by female co-anchor live on air
At least he knows where he stands.