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Amal Clooney responded to a question about her style like an absolute boss

The lawyer is currently representing Armenia in a high-profile trial.

TODAY, AMAL CLOONEY appeared at the European Court of Human Rights, where she is representing Armenia in a high-profile case against a Turkish politician who once denied that the Armenian genocide ever took place.

There she is now.

France Europe Armenia Genocide Source: AP/Press Association Images

Unfortunately, the world’s media isn’t so much interested in the case as they are in Amal’s sartorial choices. In particular, this red coat.

Several articles have been written about this coat.

amal3 Source: Daily Mail

amal1 Source: The Gloss

amal2 Source: Huffington Post Canada

amal4 Source: Refinery29

amal5 Source: Express

Today Bruno Waterfield, Brussels Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, asked Amal what she made of the attention paid to what she wears and she shut it down in the best way possible.

The lawyer simply said, “I’m wearing Ede & Ravenscroft” and left it at that.

(Ede & Ravenscroft are the oldest tailors in London and specialise in manufacturing legal robes, amongst other things.)

Next question?

France Europe Armenia Genocide Source: Christian Lutz

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