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Amanda Seyfried singing Google Translate versions of Mamma Mia songs is just as good as it sounds

You haven’t heard ‘Dancing Queen’ until you’ve heard ‘Hula Prince’.

Amanda Seyfried made Cher believe that she didn't like her when she was actually just star-struck

Imagine making Cher think that you didn’t want to hang out with her??

Amanda Seyfried says reuniting with real-life ex Dominic Cooper for Mamma Mia 2 made her husband jealous

They went out after falling in love on set during Mamma Mia, so yeah, bit awks for her hubby.

12 times celebrities lost the rag at airlines

Proving once again that they’re just like us

Emma Watson is the latest victim of hackers after her private photos were leaked online

Hundreds of personal photos of female celebrities were posted online last night.

Robin Thicke and wife split in least surprising break-up ever... it's The Dredge

We’re going to need a considerably bigger bucket for all this celebrity dirt.

The Dredge: Bradley Cooper lives with his mam

She’s cool though, so it’s ok. Check out all of the day’s celebrity dirt…