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11 really cool facts you didn’t know about the human body
Which sense is weaker in the morning? After a meal? When are you at your tallest? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

THE HUMAN BODY is a wonderful thing. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about it.

1. You’re arguably way older than you think you are

You started off as an egg, so in order to calculate your true age, add the age your mother had you to your age now. Feeling a bit old?

tumblr_mj7xjoBKpD1ql5yr7o1_400 Pinksole Pinksole

2. Your sense of smell is the last thing to wake up in the morning

You wake up before your nose does. At least that’s someone that you beat to the punch.

Smell Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

Your smell is also the most closely related sense to your memories. A whiff of an old flame’s eau de toilette, or the murky musk of an old boss–those feelings just come rushing back, good and bad.

tumblr_m46shnjBa51qja3x0o1_500 Tumblr / top-model Tumblr / top-model / top-model

3. Your bones start breaking down at 27

At (approximately) 27, your skeletal remains would be determined by their degeneration rather than their development. Bones fuse around this age and your childish growing up is done.

Poor Funny Bones.

funnybones YouTube / HunterCalito YouTube / HunterCalito / HunterCalito

4. Your heart has several back up systems to keep beating on its own

If your normal heart node fails to work, another takes over. If that fails, you keep activating new ones until the heart cells themselves kick in and start beating in an effort to keep you alive. It’s a fighter, and makes heart transplants possible.

heart-beating Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

5. Roughly 2kgs (4.5lbs) of your body weight is bacteria

Thankfully, most of them are good. Jut look at it as 100 trillion friends you didn’t know you had.

You’re also slimmer than you thought.

probiotics Pleated-jeans Pleated-jeans

6. You’re not the same person as you were seven years ago

Cells shed at such a fast pace that you’re not you any more, technically. Every seven years, you’re a new person.

chips Funny Junk Funny Junk

You are literally stardust, let Neil deGrasse Tyson explain:

Max Schlickenmeyer

7. You’re taller in the morning

You’re about 1cm shorter when you go to bed at night due to cartilage in your bones compressing during the day. Need to reach something in the ‘high press’? Do it before breakfast.

redpanda Amazing Creature Amazing Creature

8. You’ve got a big blind spot in each eye

No matter how amazing you think your 20/20 vision is, we all have areas that we just can’t see. Try it out for yourself.

Get the larger picture of the one below, close one eye and focus on the opposite letter (R for your left eye, L for right). Now move your eye towards or away from the screen until the other letter disappears.

pAIKf5R Imgur Imgur

Well damn.

guy-takes-off-ones-set-of-sunglasses-but-has-a-second-set-on-aswell Sectalk Sectalk

9. Westerners consume 50 tons of food and 50,000 litres of liquid in their lifetime

This is on average, so we should double it because we’re Irish.

tumblr_kzjpdscjde1qz5sxw Photobucket Photobucket

10. You are really really hot

Yeah you are. Your body immersion could only be on for 30 minutes and you could still produce enough heat to boil over two litres of water. That’s not even just a chat up line.

BOIL Flickr / Cinemagraph Experiments Flickr / Cinemagraph Experiments / Cinemagraph Experiments

11. Which of the five senses are less sharp after a massive meal?

It’s hearing of course. Speak up, we’re stuffed.

The sense has also been known to disappear during the eating.


h/t Reddit

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