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# ancient arachnid
Scientists have discovered a 100 million-year-old spider preserved in amber
Researchers say the arachnid, preserved with a tail, could be a “missing link”.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# war on terrier
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard release awkward apology video over dog smuggling
Heard blamed Depp’s staff for the mix-up saying they were supposed to take care of all the paperwork.
# stuck in the middle
Traffic lights are changing too quickly for a lot of old people
The average Irish person walks at around 1.33 metres per second.
# Amber nooooo
This Dublin dog seems to speak perfect English back to her owner
Amber really wants to go outside and is displeased that it’s not happening.
# poisson's ratio
Irish scientists in Trinity have made another 'world-first' breakthrough
This time it relates to measuring nanoscopic changes in an object’s elasticity.
# Breakthrough
Irish scientists have made a breakthrough in superfast computers
Scientists from AMBER in Trinity College Dublin have discovered a new magnetic material called MRG, which could allow for the development of superfast technology and energy efficient data storage.
# Research
Global breakthrough: Irish scientists discover how to mass produce 'wonder material' graphene
These single-atom thick sheets of carbon made from graphite could potentially revolutionise many parts of our lives.
# who's amber?
TV3 just delivered an epic burn to RTE
# Where's Amber?
Amber co-creator reveals what REALLY happened at the end
Spoilers? Yeah. Lots of ‘em.
# Amber
People are REALLY frustrated with the conclusion to Amber
Many many spoilers, obviously.
# amber alert
People are really angry about the phone storyline in Amber
There are some spoilers up in here. Beware.
# Amber
9 reasons why you should be watching Amber
The first episode of the four-part series broadcast on RTÉ last night.
# tellywatch
A brand new Irish drama... and 4 other weekend telly highlights
Whatever you’re at, we’ve got some telly for you.
# India
Amber fossils shed light on India’s past
The discovery of perfectly preserved insects in India has challenged the assumption that the country was an isolated island continent about 52 million years ago.