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9 reasons why you should be watching Amber

The first episode of the four-part series broadcast on RTÉ last night.

THE FIRST PART of the drama about a missing girl was FINALLY broadcast on RTÉ last night. With an audience of 656,000, the first episode was a hit among viewers.

Relax though, there are three more nights to go, it’s not too late.

Here’s why it’s worth tuning into.

1. The suspense

It really is a case of constantly accusing every suspicious-looking character of abducting Amber or paying careful attention to every little detail for clues.

Why is her Dad so shifty? Jenny’s in on it isn’t she? WHAT’S THE PAINT SYMBOLISM?


Amber’s wall, a treasure trove of clues… or just a well painted wall?


2. Amber’s friend Jenny is a typical teenager

She’s not giving anything away, despite giving us the sneaky suspicion that she knows something. Godammit Jenny what do you know?


Amber’s Dad Ben knows how we feel


She’s everywhere, and nowhere at once.


…and somehow doesn’t really ‘get’ the seriousness of the situation yet.


3. Aul wans get drunk

After Amber’s parents split, her mum Sarah goes boozing and it is glorious.


And don’t they clearly go to Coppers.


4. Amber’s nan is the nicest person ever

A typical Irish nanny, we can’t cope with the fact that Ben didn’t just force Amber to go in to her grandmother’s house.


It was when she pulled a sicky and went to Jenny’s instead that she disappeared. See, ALWAYS go to nanny’s.


5. Sergeant Mulchachy is our garda hero

No one can claim that Sgt. Karen Mulcahy isn’t attentive. When she took Amber’s belongings we all recoiled in horror. Imagine someone going through your laptop?


She also calls Sarah ALL THE TIME.

Who could it be? Amber?


No, it’s Mulcahy. Again.


6. The Luas has a starring role

Amber was last spotted on the Luas CCTV, with the stop she gets off at proving to be a major clue. See, the Luas is good for some things.


We were also alerted to the fact that there are pictures on the seats. What?


7. Amber’s little brother Eamon is brilliant

His initial contempt for his big ‘moron’ sister turns into feelings of frustration and sadness, with his little puppy dog eyes just begging for a hug.

He must also be sick of being taken away in the garda station to be given hot chocolates.


8. The sassy journalist

Suspicious from the start, everyone had an ‘aha!’ moment when unemployed gossip columnist Maeve Flynn-Dunne suggested writing a piece to keep Amber in the headlines.


Of course it was sensationalist, and she got a mighty slap for it. Flynn-Dunne’s scheming demeanour is seriously watch-able.


9. It took long enough for it to arrive

The series was initially made in 2011, and has been broadcast in countries such as Australia, Canada and Denmark, but not RTÉ due to budgeting decisions.

The actress Lauryn Canny who plays Amber was 12-years-old during filming, but is now 15.

You can catch up on Amber on the RTÉ Player before part 2 broadcasts on tonight at 9.35pm.

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