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Amber co-creator reveals what REALLY happened at the end

Spoilers? Yeah. Lots of ‘em.

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FURIOUS IS PROBABLY the best word to describe the general public’s reaction to the last episode of  RTE’s Amber.

Viewers took to Facebook and Twitter in their droves to complain about the show’s ending, or lack thereof.

Four nights lads. FOUR whole nights. For nothing. NOTHING.

Ryan Tubridy was among those left frustrated by the show’s conclusion so when he got the chance to chat with co-creator Paul Duane on his 2FM radio show he didn’t waste much time asking what on earth had actually happened to Amber?

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“Ryan, the story is filled with clues”, Duane argued cryptically, but Tubs was having none of it. “I’m not a stupid man, I watched four episodes of it”, he replied. “If you do know the answer to what happened to Amber tell me.”

Sensing that there was no way out of it, Duane finally gave up the ghost and revealed that the young lass was in fact dead.

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And no, nobody we’d actually met throughout the course of the series killed her either. Not the lad in the van, not the fella in prison, the dad’s pal or the little brother.

Source: RTE Player

“She’s gone, and that’s all there is to it”, Duane stated, pointing to all the water-themed imagery throughout the series as the clue we needed to work out that she’d somehow drowned.

Despite Tubs’ best efforts, Duane refused to reveal much more, but he did let slip that someone outside the show’s universe had indeed murdered the missing teen.

So now. There’s your ending for you.

Source: RTE via YouTube

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