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12 of the most insane foods Americans have ever deep-fried


1. Deep fried butter

Source: Wikipedia

Butter, frozen, then dipped in batter and deep fried. Apparently it melts and drips out when you eat it.

2. Deep fried Doritos

You thought Doritos were already fried? Well YOU WERE WRONG. No, actually you were right, but now they’ve been fried more.

3. Deep fried bubblegum

The name is slightly misleading: it’s actually bubblegum-flavoured marshmallows, coated in bubblegum-flavoured batter, then deep fried and drizzled in bubblegum-flavour icing.

4. Deep fried Coke

Source: Wikipedia

Again with the freezing trick. Nuggets of Coke, frozen, fried in Coke batter, and covered in Coke syrup.

5. Deep fried testicles

Source: Wikipedia

Affectionately known as “Rocky Mountain Oysters”, these once belonged to either a cow or a pig. Now they’re smashed flat (I KNOW), cut into strips and put on your plate with a side of dipping sauce.

6. Deep fried breakfast on a stick

All in the name, really. Rashers, sausage and scrambled egg mashed together, deep fried and – in a final indignity – impaled on a stick.

7. Deep fried latté

Source: cmp_1973

The ideal accompaniment to the above.

8. Deep fried Twinkies

Source: Wikipedia

Where America becomes ‘Murica: the iconic junk snack speared on a stick, battered, then deep fried.

9. Deep fried pasta

Source: Wikipedia

Known euphemistically as ‘Toasted Ravioli’, this is a delicacy in the St Louis area. It is what it looks like.

10. Deep fried Oreos

OK, these look kind of nice.

11. Deep fried hot dog and chips

Source: morganegibson

A hot dog, plastered in chips. Then the whole thing is battered in one lump and deep fried. Also it’s on a stick because ‘Murica.

12. Deep fried beer

It was the obvious choice. Fried for only a few seconds in a pocket of dough (hence the ravioli-like appearance), the dish is apparently still alcoholic when eaten. No word on how many you’d have to scarf to get a buzz on.

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