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Amy Childs claims that mortifying ebola mishap was edited

Is she backtracking…?

YESTERDAY, EVERYONE WAS tripping over themselves to share an Instagram clip of former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs appearing to mistake ebola for a band.

In the short clip, Childs is asked about her thoughts on the deadly disease during an interview on the red carpet of the MOJO Awards.

Source: MartinVideosDaily/YouTube

The beautician is asked “Have we done enough to curb the spread of ebola?” to which she replies, “What? I might be a big fan after tonight”.

“You know ebola is going to be huge, don’t you?” “Oh, they’re gonna be absolutely amazing.”

The video has gone viral, with many scoffing at her lack of worldly awareness.

But hold your fire. Childs took to Twitter to say that the footage was edited and that she ‘obviously’ knows what ebola is.

However, the creator of the video replied, denying her claims.

It certainly doesn’t look or sound edited, and it’s coming from the same person who thinks the capital of India is… Pakistan, and that Persia is a made up country.

Source: The Only Way Is Essex/YouTube

The plot thickens.

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