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This Dublin man's excellent blog proves that An Post will deliver pretty much anything

Never underestimate An Post.

tumblr_non1vzSvh61uvispno1_1280 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr


It has been known to successfully deliver letters, even when the address given is as vague as…

Your One Mary, The First Turn After The Bend, Co. Cork

Now a blog called Me Versus An Post has decided to put An Post through its paces and see exactly what it can deliver.

The blog is the brainchild of David Curran and, as he has discovered, An Post will deliver pretty much anything.

They will deliver a dice with one line of the address written on each side

tumblr_nog773K2Ip1uvispno2_540 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

They will deliver letters with the address written backwards on the envelope

tumblr_non1vzSvh61uvispno1_1280 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

They will even deliver toilet rolls, God bless them

tumblr_norjn3hgI11uvispno2_400 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

(Toilet rolls with Yeats poems written inside, no less.)

Will they deliver scraps of paper if the address is even a little bit visible? You betcha!

tumblr_noyxkqpha01uvispno1_540 (1) Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

How about if the address on the envelope is obscured by a pop-up book mechanism? Don’t be silly, of course they’ll deliver.

tumblr_npbzkkN9CE1uvispno3_r1_540 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

Okay, but surely they won’t deliver a jigsaw, right?

tumblr_np1ydkWaPM1uvispno1_540 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr

tumblr_np1ydkWaPM1uvispno3_r1_540 Source: meversusanpost/Tumblr


The lesson here? Underestimate An Post at your peril.

Only in Ireland would this letter get delivered >

Is this the single stupidest letter ever written to a newspaper?

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